Saturday, September 7, 2013


If you lived in the Oklahoma City area in the 90's. You might remember a commecial for a car dealership called Broadway Ford.

Generally at the end of the commercial the owners kids would be sitting on a bull and they would end the commercial pitch with "And that's no bull!"

You might notice there's a bull in the picture to the right. Well when you walk in to Beef & Buns you will also notice the two little boys, all grown up now, that used to set on that bull are no lunger in the automobile business but the restaurant business.

The menu's pretty simple at Beef & Buns. Catfish, ribs, smoked chicken, and smoked beef. There are a few other items but those are the prominent ones.

On my visit I went with some co-workers that were there for the catfish. I'm not much of a fish eater but they all agreed the catfish was pretty good. I however was there to try the Q.

Beef & Buns only combo meal on the menu was for ribs and catfish but they will let you substitute. So I swapped the catfish for smoked beef.
The meal also comes with  white bread and two sides. I chose potato salad and okra. The meat also comes sauced with your choice of hot or mild sauce. You could probably get it nekkid but trust me on this one. You'll need the sauce.

The first thing you might notice is that rib bone sticking out there. That's because all the meat had fallen clean off of it. It was just a bone. So if you enjoy eating your ribs with a fork. You are probably going to love these ribs. Personally I prefer to use the bone as a handle to eat ribs and that wasn't going to happen.

The smoked beef appeared to be roast... possibly chuck. It had good texture and moisture and I detected just a hint of smoke flavor but it was a harsh smoke flavor that needed the sauce to kind of tame it.

I thought it was a good sauce. Just a touch of heat and a vinegar and tomato taste. At the same time. If you're a regular reader of my blog you know I prefer meat without sauce.

The okra was just your standard foodservice style of frozen okra. Well cooked and nice and crunchy. I think the potato salad may have been house made and was pretty good.

The service at Beef & Buns was prompt, courteous, and friendly and the place is impeccably clean. However I can't recommend going there for the Q. If you're looking for good catfish I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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