Sunday, March 20, 2016


Well we are a little behind with the 2016 version of the Oklahoma City Broken Rib Tour but better late than never I hope.

Nothing has changed from the previous two years except for a couple of judges and a few new locations. As I've always said in the past. This is not intended to be a "Best of" list. I'm not about telling you who makes the best BBQ. I'm about telling you which BBQ tastes the best to me. You and I may have varying ideas on what makes great BBQ and I'm not vain or snobbish enough to claim to know what's best. I just know what I like and my volunteer carnivore rib eaters are instructed to score each slab of rib based on what they like.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

06/06 ON ROUTE 66

Near Sapupla Oklahoma But Appeared Closed

364 days prior to June 6th, 2015 found Judge #2 and I on our Seminole to Sallisaw run. The Seminole to Sallisaw run was the first tme I'd made a run with other local BBQ fanatics and we had a great time.

Judge #2 is also a big fan of Route 66 and we had discussed making this Route 66 run on the trip a year earlier.

Originally Judges #1 and #3 had planned on coming along and we were going to start at The Boundary near Luther, Oklahoma. But they were unable to make it and Judge #2 and I had already been there. So we looked at the long list of places we had on our list and decided to start in Wellston at The Butcher BBQ Stand.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


From the outset of this project I had decided to remain as anonymous as possible. I had made this decision for a few reasons. Mostly that I don't want to be treated any different than any other patron walking into a Q-raunt. I'm not looking for free meals or comps.

I never set out to be a food critic. I've only ever been interested in finding BBQ I really enjoy and I've always tried to convey that you, the reader, should get out and try these places I write about for yourselves.

While I've done a pretty good job of remaining anonymous to the Q-raunt owners. As a KCBS judge I've become known to several competition cooks and visit with them regularly after judging competitions. So it's inevitable that eventually one of them would open a Q-raunt and make my chosen task of being anonymous a little more difficult.

One other reason I've enjoyed remaining anonymous is that to steal a line from a song by The Gourds.... I'm not afraid to be a coward..... It's much easier to remain unbiased if I don't know the people I'm writing about.

Not that I've ever meant anything I write here to be anything other than my honest opinion of the food I've been served. But as unbiased as I try to be. It's a lot more difficult to look someone in the eye and say "I didn't really like that.". because even though when I say that I don't necessarily mean it wasn't any good. I really mean I personally didn't like it.

So when I got the invite to the private soft opening for The Butcher BBQ Stand. I was a little apprehensive..... What if I didn't enjoy the Q they served me?

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