Saturday, March 8, 2014


After Jack's ribs were my highest rated slab, and 3rd over all in the inaugural Broken Rib Tour. I decided I wanted to go back and try them again.

On this visit I went with the 2 meat combo, sliced brisket & ribs, and I added sausage. For my sides I chose macaroni salad and garlic cole slaw.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Welcome to the first ever official (unofficial) 2014 Oklahoma BBQ Eaters Anonymous Broken Rib Tour 2014!

You may wonder why I call it "official (unofficial)" and that's a good thing to wonder.

The reason is because this list of the Best Ribs in Oklahoma City does not contain every Q-raunt in Oklahoma City. I chose 16, non-chain Q-raunts and my two brave volunteers and I traveled around Oklahoma City eating ribs and scoring them on a rating system that I suppose you could say was inspired by other BBQ sanctioning bodies but with qualities that were all my own.

It is also completely subjective. Unlike competition BBQ where the judges are taught what standards the meat should be cooked to. I did not try and define the qualities that the Best Rib in Oklahoma City should have. I left that up to each volunteer to decide based on their own tastes.

While I do believe this list to be a fairly comprehensive study of the rib landscape in Oklahoma City. If you look over to the right at that rather lengthy disclaimer in the side bar. You should understand that what I think is good BBQ may not appeal to others and vice verse. The same goes for my volunteers

So have fun reading this and if one of your favorite Q-raunts comes out the winner. Feel free to jump up and give yourself a high five..... After all who doesn't like being #1? Even if it is in an official (unofficial) contest conducted by a two-bit-hack, wanna-be, Q blogger.

Monday, February 17, 2014


On this visit to Back Door Barbecue I ordered the 3 Meat Dinner. I had not tried the sausage on my prior visits so I ordered the Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage along with Brisket (Moist), and Oklahoma Tenderloin (Bologna) with creamed corn and fried onions/jalapenos.

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