Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It had been about 5 years since the last time I ate at Jack's BBQ. There was a good reason for the long hiatus too.

The last time I was there it had just changed ownership. The new owners enthusiasm was almost contagious. Unfortunately their BBQ skills were sorely lacking. At the risk of sounding totally like an ass... The food sucked.... Totally and utterly sucked. Sides, meats, everything!

I had heard that sometime during that hiatus that Jack's had once again changed hands. Yes, the sign still says "Since 1963" but that's only the location... Or maybe just the sign is from 1963.  <scratches head>..... On the plus side. The BBQ is much better than it was on my first visit.

Now Jack's doesn't offer more than a 2 meat combo but you can add a meat to your meal, or a rib. This ends up being a little more pricey than most places standard 3 or 4 meat combos. Once again on the plus side. I was given two ribs instead of one... Cha-ching!

Anyway, I chose the pulled pork, chopped beef, and added a rib(s). For my sides I went with mac & cheese and beans and I also added some jalapeno peppers. The meal also comes with toast. Actual honest to goodness, toasted on both sides of the bread, toast. Cha-ching again!

One sided toast really annoys me for some reason. So seeing this piece of toasted on both sides toast made me happy.

The pulled pork was actual pulled pork. Not that chopped, folded, spindled, and mutilated stuff that to many places try to pass off as pulled pork that annoys me as much as one sided toast.

The pork had good flavor and was moist. I could taste just a hint of smoke. Could have used more in my opinion but it was still tasty.

I asked before hand if the chopped beef was served with sauce. I was told that it wasn't so I was more than happy to give it a try. Sauced chopped beef is a no no in my book. If you had to put sauce on it you're trying to hide the fact that you can't make tasty chopped beef.

This chopped beef wasn't bad. Wasn't great but wasn't bad. It looked like it was mostly chopped flat... ok... all chopped flat. I would really prefer that chopped beef was from the point. If I wanted flat I would order sliced but this had good flavor and was moist. Like the pork it needed just a little more smoke flavor to suit my tastes.

I really liked the ribs. The rub on them had a good flavor and they had more smoke on them than the other meats. Now these aren't going to win any competitions. They weren't worth walking up hill in 6 feet of snow both ways to get to them but I liked them and did I mention that they gave me two?

I'm going to just kind of gloss over the sides here. The mac & cheese was over cooked pasta with what I believe was some kind of cheese sauce from a can or bottle. It was just kind of meh.

The beans did have some chopped slices of brisket in them but that was about all I noticed that had been done to them after leaving the can.

Sauce choices are mild and hot. They were just slightly thicker than Head Country and had a similar flavor. I like Head Country so I liked these sauces ok but I don't go to a Q-Raunt for their sauce.

Jacks is just your average run of the mill safe Q-raunt. I will eat there again but it's not so amazing that I'm going to say to you "OH MY GOD!!! YOU GOTTA TRY THIS PLACE!!!" but if your on Route 66 in OKC and in the mood for Q. Well stop and eat at Jack's. I don't think you'll go away disappointed. And if you do... Well you'll at least have formed your own opinion and not taken my words as gospel.

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