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...but they were out!!!!!

One of the drawbacks to Q-raunts is that sometimes they run out of meat. And when that happens it's not like they can just toss a piece of meat on the smoker and serve it up to you in a few minutes like most restaurants can.

What made it even worse is I had been thinking about feasting on one of Stevenson's pork steaks all day! AND SOMEONE ATE IT BEFORE I GOT THERE!!!

So I had to make a snap decision and went with a two meat combo, ribs and hot links. My mom was with me today and she went with half chicken.

This wasn't my first trip to Stevenson's. So I knew my tongue was still in for a treat and it wasn't disappointed.

Stevenson's serves their ribs St Louis style but with kind of a twist. They don't trim the ribs before they smoke them. Instead they trim them when they serve them and serve the riblets as well.

The ribs have a nice dark color and bark and pull away from the bone where you bite them.

They offer two sauces, hot and mild. The sauces are vinegary and while I don't like the taste of them on their own. They do complement the meat very well.

I tried a squirt of each on a riblet to verify this. The rest of the ribs I ate nekkid because they really don't need the sauce. They have plenty of flavor on their own.

I don't know if you can really make it out in the pics I snapped with my high priced free cellphone but even the hotlinks had a smoke ring. Hot links are my second favorite processed meat right after bologna. Stevenson's doesn't do bologna so hot links it was!

I didn't try the chicken... yet. It looked pretty tasty though. My mom couldn't eat it all so I'll be eating the breast for dinner tomorrow night. I suppose I could wait to write this up and post it tomorrow night but I'm to impatient to do something like that.

For sides we both chose potato salad and coleslaw. I'm not real big on the sides at Stevenson's. I prefer chunky potato salad. Stevenson's isn't bad it's just not how I like it. The coleslaw is a little different. It has more vinegar in it so it has more of a tangyness to it than a sweetness like a lot of other coleslaws.

You don't get bread at Stevenson's unless you order a sandwich.

I don't know why but this sign on the front door cracked me up. A smoke free Q-raunt??? Well I can say that the signs not totally true because Stevenson's is laying some really nice smoke flavor on their meats.

So if you're passing through Paul's Valley stop and get a steak, if they haven't ran out. I promise you it will be one of the tastiest pieces of pork to ever pass your lips. You can even eat it with a plastic fork. Or you can do like me and suffer 2nd degree burns tearing off pieces with your fingers.


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