Saturday, December 17, 2011


I've been eating at Dale's BBQ House for quite a few years. Probably even before I ever formed an opinion about what I think tasty BBQ is. And your opinion might be different than mine and that's fine. There's lots of different BBQ out there for all of us to enjoy.

Now, I don't go to Dale's because I think they make the best BBQ I've ever eaten. Dale's falls into my "The Good" category. They are easy to find, you feel safe getting out of your car when you get there, and they are relatively consistent with their Q.

On this visit I was in the mood for some pork. So I went with ribs and pulled pork. I like that Dale's actually serves their pulled pork pulled and not folded, smashed, bashed, spindled and mutilated. If a place is going to do that to their pulled pork then they should label it as such... Call it chopped at least but not pulled.

Anyway, back to Dale's pulled pork. This day it was really good. Moist, good color, and good flavor. I enjoyed every last morsel.

The ribs are untrimmed spare ribs. Big and meaty and with good color and  a nice smoke flavor. The ribs on this day weren't the best I have ever had there. The flavor was there but the texture was slightly off. Or maybe the texture was on and the other times I thought the ribs were better the texture was off. Either way I've had some ribs on other visits to Dale's that left me counting my fingers to make sure I didn't accidentally gnaw one off while I was chowing down.

I almost always get double mac & cheese for sides at Dale's. I don't know why I like it but I do. I'm not going to tell you to rush over there and try it for yourself because it has a few qualities, overcooked pasta for one, that normally turn me off but I love Dale's.  Perhaps because I've been eating it so long.

If you do try it you need to give it a try the way I eat it. I go get a cup of their Hot sauce and pour it over the top of the mac & cheese...... MmmMmmMmmmm.... Salivating just thinking about it.

That brings me to the toast.... Or as I call it "Near Toast". It's almost toasted on both sides but not quite toasted enough to consider it toast. It makes a decent place to put a little mac & cheese with some hot BBQ sauce on it and you have a tasty mac & near toast cheese sammich.

I won't say Dale's makes great BBQ but they do put out good BBQ and it will always have a place in my BBQ rotation. Is it worth driving across the state for. Nope, it really isn't but if you are on the south side of Oklahoma City. It's definitely not going to be a wasted stop to eat some Q.

Oh and one word of warning. If you are getting there as Westmoore High School is letting out for lunch. Be prepared to wait in line because they draw a lot of students in with the lunch special.

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