Monday, January 9, 2012


Being the top secret, super ninja, bbq eating blogger I am means there are times I have to go into unknown BBQ territory.

Some day's I just don't feel like venturing into the unknown. Some days I want to walk in and know exactly what I'm going to get.

Today was one of those days. It was also a Monday and a pay day. So I grabbed my check. Hit the bank and headed to Leo's.

Now I know your mileage may vary but all of my visits to Leo's over the years have been consistent making it my second favorite Q-raunt in the OKC area. You'll have to tune back in to a future blog post to find out my favorite.

From day one I have ordered the exact same thing every visit. Leo's Special (aka Grand Slam) which consists of bologna, chopped beef, hot links, and ribs. Two sides, I chose beans and macaroni salad today,  two slices of white bread and....... cake. I'll talk about the cake later.

Brisket is pretty much served one way at Leo's..... Chopped! While you are eating your meal you hear them chopping up the tasty beef like some kind of carnivorous woodpecker. What I like about it is you get a good mixture of all the brisket. Lots of moist tasty bits and chunks. If you have read any of my other posts you know I'm not a fan of most Oklahoma brisket. I usuallyt drive six hours to Austin when I'm in the mood for good brisket. Leo's is one of the few exceptions. I've never had dry brisket here.

The ribs are meaty and have a nice hickory flavor on them. Now one could add sauce to them but in my opinion one would be making a mistake. While Leo's sauces are unique and like no other sauce I have ever tasted in Oklahoma. These ribs don't need sauce. It would almost be like putting ketchup on a Kobe steak. Like getting your salsa made in...... NEW YORK CITY!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It should be almost impossible to screw up smoked bologna and Leo's doesn't disappoint here either. I'm not sure what brand of bologna they are using but it's tasty. Doesn't seem to be as salty as a lot of bologna.

It would make a pretty tasty sammich but I eat it plain and save the bread, and the sauce, for the hot links.

Leo's has mild and hot sauces. The hot is about the same heat as the hot link. So if the link isn't hot enough for ya. You can add a little of the hot sauce and make it just a touch hotter.

I made one sammich with the mild and and one with the hot and both were mighty tasty. Once again I'm not sure where Leo's get their links but they are some good links. Just enough heat to let you know you're eating a hot link but not so hot you can't enjoy it. They also don't seem to be as salty as some other links I have eaten.

The beans at Leo's are sweet and have chopped beef added to them. The macaroni salad is good and the pasta is cooked al dente. I hate mushy pasta so I appreciate the fact that Leo's doesn't over cook theirs.

Now for the part where I talk about the cake. Is it good? Well, yes it is but I have yet to meet a cake I didn't like. Is it as good as everyone makes it out to be..... ummm ..... not so much in my opinion. Go to Leo's to eat the meat. It's really good Q. Enjoy the cake while you're there too but when you tell your friends about Leo's. Just don't start out by talking about the cake.

Oh and there's one other added benefit to eating at Leo's. You get to enjoy the smell of hickory on your clothes all day and watch people's mouths water as you walk by and they know where you've been. If I could bottle that smell and sell it as a cologne I would!

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  1. What is address?...even GPS coordinates would be better than your lack of info...

    1. You see that Urbanspoon link at the bottom of the page?

      I'd try clicking on it. I put it there for a reason.

  2. Leo's uses Schwab's Bologna & Schwab's Hot Links. They are already smoked, however, Leo's smokes them even more which is what makes them so unique. Check out the new Schwab Meat Co. website -

  3. Love Leo's. It fell off for a bit when (I think) Charles and his wife were splitting up. And there was a lull when Leo passed, but it's great again.
    A few of us did a bbq tour like this maybe 7 or 8 years ago and our favorite that we all agreed on was ET's. It was in a plaza close to Remington and was absolutely outstanding. I think they moved, don't know what happened.
    George's Happy Hog had the best chicken I may have ever had. But, I'm fairly sure they changed ownership. Haven't gone back in a few years. That was a shame because it was damn good too.

    1. I have not been to ET's but they are out on Waterloo Rd now.

      I think the new owners of George's are turning out solid Q based on my handful of recent visits there. A few consistency issues but still good Q.

      Used to go to the 4th Street Leo's a lot and always had good Q there. Don't make it over to the 36th & Kelley (The original) location very often but I really enjoye the ribs we were served when we were doing the 2015 OKC Broken Rib Tour.


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