Friday, February 24, 2012


UPDATE: Larry's Rib Pit has closed

Larry's Rib Pit had been on my radar for quite awhile. Unfortunately I found out the hard way, by driving there on a whim without checking their hours, that they are closed on Monday's. So I finally made it back over to give them a try on a Tuesday.

I had read lots of great reviews on Urbanspoon about Larry's and it definitely falls in my beloved "The Ugly" category. So I had high hopes for my first visit.

Larry's is in every sense a mom & pop Q-raunt. The only people I saw working there was Larry and his wife. There were also a lot of regulars there. I'm assuming they were regulars because most of them were addressed by first names.

At Larry's you order at the counter but you pay after you have eaten. It's a little confusing to me but that's how they do it so that's how I did it and it all worked out in the end.

I decided to go with the 3 meat combo. While most places offer only two sides with theirs. Larry's comes with 3 sides and two pieces of wheat bread. I prefer wheat to white so I thought that was a nice touch.

I chose chopped brisket, sliced pork, & ribs with mac & cheese, baked beans, & cole slaw.

Unfortunately the chopped brisket was served sauced. I'm not a fan of meat served sauced and I wasn't a fan of Larry's chopped brisket.

If you looked at that picture and said to yourself "Hey! Didn't he say he ordered sliced pork?". Well I did but Larry said it was so tender it wouldn't slice. On the plus side it was served to me looking like pulled pork. I like pulled pork. That's a bonus right?

The pork had good color and was the best of the three meats I had but it didn't work for me. I added some of their hot sauce and it made it better but.... I don't like to resort to sauce.

The ribs were fall off the bone over cooked. Any smoke ring they ever had was long gone. I could taste smoke on them so I knew they had been smoked but they really didn't have a nice color.

The mac & cheese was a little runny and peppery but it worked for me. The pasta wasn't over-cooked and that's usually my biggest pet peeve with mac & cheese. So while I thought the cheese sauce could be tightened up a little I still enjoyed it.

The beans are kicked up canned beans. They had pieces of meat added to them and probably a few more ingredients. They were good on their own but I ate them with bites of the chopped brisket.

I didn't get a pic of the cole slaw but it was tasty. Sweet and creamy and the cabbage was kind of chopped up so it was easy to eat.

Overall I can't say I was a fan of Larry's Rib Pit and that's also why I have that disclaimer over on the right side of my blog because apparently other people are fans.

Based on the regulars in the place during my visit, the raves by customers and Larry's comments on Urbanspoon. Larry's Rib Pit must be doing something right and I wish them continued success.

Larry's Rib Pit on Urbanspoon

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