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UPDATE: Closed for business

I get an e-mail from my mom about a new place opening up in Jones, Oklahoma called Bierocks & BBQ.

Now I make an annual pilgrimage to the small town where I spent the first 10 years of my life  to get good bierocks. So the short drive to Jones to get bierocks and BBQ was definitely not out of the question.

Bierocks & BBQ is located in the building where Smokin Cowgirls used to be. Interestingly enough Smokin Cowgirls was the first establishment I chose to try when I started the Oklahoma BBQ Eaters Anonymous concept back in 2008.

Unfortunately we went on a Tuesday night on that trip and Smokin Cowgirls was closed on Tuesdays. So we ended up at Mr Tee's. This time we checked the hours before we made the drive out there.

The first thing you'll find out at Bierocks & BBQ is that the owner is a very friendly and colorful character. You really don't even have to ask him about his food. He's happy to tell you everything about it.

I chose his 3 meat combo (ribs, pulled pork, polish sausage) with a traditional bierock and he was nice enough to give me a good size sample of his chopped beef when I asked him for it. I've had issues with some other Q-raunts not wanting to give me just a bite of a meat to sample. I don't understand places that do that. A bite isn't going to break the bank and it might get you a sale.

The main reason I just wanted a taste of the chopped beef,  is because it looked like it had been sauced. If you've read any of my previous blogs. You know I'm not a fan of meat served sauced.

We were told that this beef was chuck roast instead of the typical brisket. The owner said he can cook the chuck more consistently than brisket. I can appreciate that honesty and I think he did a good job on this chopped beef. If it was sauced it was very lightly sauced. I thought it had a good smoke flavor and was tender and had good texture. After sampling it I wished I had ordered more but I already had a full plate.

Overall I think the portions are slightly smaller than most Q-raunts but the prices were lower too. I think the 3 Meat was about $9.99 and I've paid as much as $17 for 3 meat combos at other Q-raunts. I also didn't leave hungry. So the portions were more than enough.

The pulled pork wasn't the best I've ever had but it was still pretty good. Had good color, nice smoke flavor, and maybe just a hint of  sauce on it. I wouldn't hesitate to eat it again.

The ribs had a light rub on them and good smoke flavor. I was a little hesitant about the ribs because they were wrapped in plastic and being held in a warming tray. I didn't know how long they had been there but they were tender and pulled away from the bone where you bit into them. So I don't think they had been held for to long.

The polish sausage was one of, if not, the best I have had in Oklahoma and was worth the trip out there alone for a sausage junky like me. It's not the typical Ekrich style sausage that you find in the typical Oklahoma Q-Raunt. I heard him tell another customer that he gets them from Chicago.

I chose coleslaw and potato salad for my two sides. The owner is from Pittsburgh, Kansas and his slaw and potato salad reflects the flavors from that region of Kansas. The potato salad is more of a German style potato salad and the slaw is made with oil and vinegar and gives a pleasant tanginess to the sweetness of the cabbage.. There's no mayo in it. I enjoyed both of them quite a bit.

All that leaves is the bierock..... Unfortunately I can't say I was a fan of the bierock. It was quite a bit different from the ones I grew up eating. The dough was a little more dense and flaky than what I like and there were some spiciness to them.

Besides the hot prepared food Bierocks & BBQ also carries a fairly large selection of imported European foods and if he doesn't have what you are looking for. he can probably get it for you.

I have to say overall I enjoyed my trip to Bierocks & BBQ. I will go back just for the sausage alone. I wish I had tried the hot link because it also wasn't your typical Oklahoma hot link.

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