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This was my second trip to Mud Creek BBQ. I was there the first time about 6 months after they opened in the tiny town of Ringling, Oklahoma.

It took me a couple of years to get back but two years later they are still cranking out the same tasty Q.

At the risk of some of you not reading any further after I say this. I'm going to go ahead and declare that Mud Creek is as close as I've come to finding a destination Q-raunt in Oklahoma.

Yes, I can honestly say that I don't think you will be disappointed after making the drive to the middle of nowhere to eat BBQ. I have been wrong before but this time I don't think I am.

The owners of Mud Creek BBQ are competition cooks and many of their awards decorate the walls of their small Q-Raunt.

My wife ordered the sliced brisket sandwich.. The sliced for her sandwich came from the point and looked delicious. I stole some of the crispy charred edge from her and it was moist and tastier than it looked.

I chose the 3 Meat Combo, St Louis style ribs, sliced brisket, and the special of the day was pulled pork. For my sides I chose creamed corn and potato salad. Every meal also comes with a tasty moist brownie.

My slices came off the flat of the brisket and while the slices were just a touch to lean for me. They were plastic fork tender and had great flavor. You can also see in the picture that I was given some fattier, crispier pieces that were more to my liking.

Yes....... That bite of brisket tasted every bit as good as it looked. I really didn't want to swallow. I wanted to just sit there and chew on it forever. Unfortunately my stomach had other plans and reluctantly my tongue passed it on to my impatient stomach.

I'll be honest that the texture of the pulled pork was just a little mushy but the flavor more than made up for it and the nice pieces of bark were making my tongue do cartwheels.

The ribs were cooked perfectly. Pulled away from the bone with just a slight tug the way I like them to. I was given ribs from the end of the slab and nearer the center of the slab and the texture was consistent from both places. They also add a light glaze of some kind of thin sauce right before they sliced the ribs. It complemented the rub and the taste of the pork very well.

The sides are nothing to get to excited about and if I remember right the first time I was there they were putting jalapenos in the corn and this time there were none. But you're going to Mud Creek BBQ for the meat. Trust me on that one.

My mom did comment that she really liked the potato salad and she doesn't really like mashed potato salad.

The 3 Meat Combo is reasonably priced at $14 and you get a lot of meat. I mean a lot of meat! I was stuffed and I hadn't eaten any breakfast and had been running a weedeater all morning.

In closing I'm not going to declare Mud Creek BBQ the best BBQ in Oklahoma but it is currently the best BBQ I have eaten in Oklahoma.... I still have a lot of places to try and hopefully I can add a few more to that list.

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