Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hunting trailers can be kind of difficult and I've had a lot of near misses trying to catch Smokin' Okies.

Most days they are setup at Covell and Kelly in Edmond which is difficult for me to get to during lunch but recently they have been parking in or near the downtown OKC area at least once a week.

The first time I tried to find them at the OU Health Science Children's Hospital but couldn't find them until it was too late. Then when I found out they were parking at Elemental Coffee at 8th & Hudson I made plans to catch them the next week only to find out they had bent an axle on their trailer and they were out of commission.

So finally I see them post that the trailer is repaired and they will be at 8th and Hudson and I make plans to bag and tag the last Q-Trailer I'm aware of in Oklahoma City.

Smokin' Okies offers a one meat meal with 2 sides for $8 but I asked nicely if I could get two meats and add a rib and they were more than happy to comply. I appreciate that kind of customer service and I got the two extra meats for only $4 more. I don't know many places you can get three meats for $12.

They offered brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. I crossed off the chicken and went with the other three with seasoned green beans and potato salad. They couldn't fit it all in the clam shell so you'll have to keep reading to see a pic of the brisket.... Or you could just stop reading and scroll down until you find it. Whatever makes you happy.

First thing you may notice is that the meat comes with sauce. If you've read any of my other blogs, and mighty fine reading they are, you'll know I'm not a fan of sauced meat.

Unfortunately I can't say I was a fan of Smokin' Okies brisket. It was chopped up in small chunks which was probably a good thing because it had a bit of chew to it. I can't imagine it would have been easy to eat in a sliced form. I really didn't think it had a lot of flavor either.

The pulled pork was right on the edge of being that chopped, folded, spindled, and mutilated pork I don't like but not quite. So I'll call it almost pulled pork.

On the plus side, despite being sauced, the pieces I was able to taste without sauce were really tasty. Ok, the pieces I tasted with the sauce were tasty too but the sauce wasn't necessary in my opinion.

Next time I will ask for it nekkid.

I have kind of a love hate relationship with the ribs. They looked really good. Maybe just a touch over-cooked. Not enough to mess with the texture but just a little to much fall off the bone.

They have a sweet glaze with a really salty rub. I liked the sweet and salty but it was just a touch too salty and I can't say with 100% certainty but it almost tasted like Tony Chachere's was used.

It was an interesting taste profile and I will definitely be going back to try them again. The ribs I was served were from the small end so maybe next time I'll get some from the middle of the rack.
You have to get the seasoned green beans! This is one of the best sides I have eaten at any Q-Raunt and while I don't go to any Q-Raunt for the sides. If you're at Smokin' Okies you don't want to pass these up.

The potato salad is a creamy style with large chunks of new potatoes. It was as good as a side gets unless you prefer mustard style mashed potato salad. Then you're not going to like this but I really enjoyed it because I like all kinds of potato salad.

I'll definitely be giving Smokin' Okies another try and while I can't recommend the brisket. The ribs and pulled pork are worth hunting this trailer down for. And don't pass on the green beans!

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  1. OKBBQEA, I don't know if you'll see this comment on a 3 month old post but here goes. I read in a "my back yard" post that you use a WSM smoker. I know from my visits to Smokin' Okies trailer that he uses FEC smokers from Cookshack. In your travels, do you see a trend or pattern with how certain smokers produce a common product? Meaning, do most of your top 10 joints use the same brand of smoker? Can you tell the difference between a charcoal/wood smoke vs. a pellet smoke?

    I have an older cookshack and while I am pretty satisfied withthe results, I think I'm going to spring for a WSM. I like the wide range of temps you can hit with it and I like Weber quality.

    random blabbing, sorry

    1. One of the drawbacks to trying to stay anonymous is that I don't get to strike up a conversation with a lot of the owners. So unless I can spot their smoker. Most times I don't know what they are using.

      I'm a firm believer that what you use to smoke with isn't as important as how well you know how to use it.

      The guys at Mud Creek BBQ in Ringling are former competition cooks and they have made the transition to electric smokers and are cranking out some really good BBQ.

      I know that Russ Garret (a.k.a. Smokin Okie on the Smoke Ring forums) swears by pellet smokers and he puts out top notch BBQ.

      And one of my favorites in OKC is Smokey's BBQ trailer and they are using a stick burner mounted on the back of their trailer.

      I have never really tested my pallete to see if I can personally tell the difference between charcoal/wood smokers and pellet smokers and to be honest if it tastes good I don't really care if they smoked it in a garbage can... lol

      I think you'll enjoy the WSM. It will be a little more hands on than your Cookshack is but for a charcoal fueled smoker they hold their temps really well and I have done plenty of 16 hour cooks on mine without having to reload the charcoal.

      Weber's products are not only quality but their customer service is top notch. When I ordered my 22 1/2 inch WSM the lid appeared to have been damaged in shipping and while it was still usable I had to work to get it to fit into place. I called customer service and they sent me a replacement lid and the only question they asked me was where I wanted it shipped to.

      I do recommend the 18 1/2 over the 22 1/2 WSM. They don't hold as much food but they do use less fuel. My 22 1/2 pretty much only gets used for large parties and cold smoking cheese. About 90% of the time I'm using my original 18 1/2" and I love it.

  2. If you think the green beans are good, you should shell out for the potato casserole. Gratin style potatoes with sausage, nothing about that that I didn't like.

    The brisket was a bit on the chewy side for me, but that seems to be the norm for Oklahoma brisket.


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