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Ok, you can't really ride the train to K.C.'s Smokehouse but they do have a model train track that runs around the perimeter of the front dining area. It wasn't running while I was there so I don't know if they still turn it on or not.

Despite spending a lot of time in the Ardmore area. This was my first trip to K.C.'s Smokehouse. It had been on my radar for quite awhile but for one reason or another I just never managed to make it there and for awhile The Blue Pig was my go to Q-raunt in Ardmore. After they closed their airport location and moved in to a bigger building in Ardmore they kind of went downhill though. But enough about The Blue Pig. I'm here to talk about K.C.'s Smokehouse

I was originally going to be on a road trip to the Clinton/Weatherford area on this weekend but those plans fell through. So my mom and I headed down to her cabin to harvest some native pecans and finish some work on some spawning beds for the bluegill in our pond.

We had to make a trip into town to get some pea gravel so I took advantage of the opportunity and went to K.C.'s Smokehouse for lunch. Which in the long run turned out to be kind of a mistake.
K.C,'s has a buffet and while I think they may have had it at lunch at one time. It appears to be a dinner time option only now. Probably a good thing because while I'll probably go back and try it. I'm a little hesitant about buffet BBQ.
I chose the 3 meat dinner with pulled pork, ribs, and... what's that I see on the menu? .... German Sausage? Why yes, I'll have the German Sausage please!

My mom chose pulled chicken and bologna. Which means we didn't get to try any brisket. I was going to get the chopped brisket but it was sauced so I passed on it and we both went with the same sides, potato salad and fried okra.
The ribs were untrimmed spareribs and they were big and meaty. They were also a little fatty but I like some fat on my meat so that worked great for me but if you're one of those fat Nazi's you're probably not going to like these ribs.

The ribs had a nice smoke flavor, a slight smoke ring, and were cooked pretty well. I'm not going to say cooked perfectly but for Q-raunt ribs they were pretty good.

Unfortunately the pulled pork was also sauced but I decided to try it anyway. I'm not sure why they choose to sauce it themselves. I could taste some good smoke flavor despite the sauce.

I took a pic of the pulled pork but it came out blurry. You can kind of see it in the picture above of the 3 meat and it was actually pulled pork and not that chopped, folded, spindled, mutilated crap I've ranted about more than once.

I am going to say the pulled pork was 50/50. I had a few bites that were a little tough and dry but the pieces that were moist were really good and even the bites that were a little tough and dry were still pretty tasty despite the mandatory sauce.

The German Sausage was not quite as good as what I've had down in Central Texas but it was still pretty darned good and I don't have to make a 6 hour drive to get some. It was a coarse ground, peppery, sausage and I really enjoyed every bite of it even after I had reached a point where I didn't think I could take another bite because I was so full.

I can't recommend the pulled chicken. It looked really good but it was breast meat and it was a little dry and I didn't get any smoke flavor from it. It's only saving grace was that it had been sauced.
The slice of bologna my mom shared with me was really good and you can see in that pic that the portion was huge. There are actually 4 pieces there. One is hidden under the okra.

The color and flavor were great and it looked like each piece had spent enough time on a flat top to give them some nice carmelization on both sides.

The fried okra and the potato salad were both solid sides and my mom's okra was served on her plate but mine came in a basket on the side and was a big enough portion to feed three people. Are you starting to see a theme here in relation to portion sizes?

Each dinner also comes with a piece of Texas Toast. But this isn't just any old Texas Toast. Nope... This is honest to goodness toasted wonderfully on both sides Texas Toast.... IT'S ACTUALLY TWO SIDED TOAST!!!!! None of that half-assed one sided toast at K.C.'s Smokehouse!

I give a huge two thumbs up to the two sided toast and I enjoyed every bite as it stretched my stomach further and further.

Service was fast, friendly, and courteous at K.C.'s and for $14.95 for the 3 meat I was served a ton of food. I was seriously miserable after this meal, and I didn't even finish all the okra, and this is why I said earlier that coming here was a bit of a mistake.... I still had work to do when we got back to the cabin!

I'll be going back to give K.C.'s another try just for the German Sausage and the two sided toast. If you are passing through the Ardmore area and you're craving some Q. I don't think you will be disappointed with K.C.'s.

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