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Sometimes when life hands you a hunk of tough, fatty, meat. You make BBQ.

So when my wife asked me if I would drive her to Enid for her Uncle's wedding. I said "Only if we can hit up one of the Q-raunts I have on my list to try in that area." and a deal was struck.

I had heard good things about The Bar-B-Q Joint in Pond Creek, which is a short drive north of Enid, and after checking their menu I saw they offered Hawg Wings, and that pretty much sold me on giving them a try.

Now if you've followed my blog for awhile you know I'm a sucker for hole-in-the-wall type Q-raunts. If you're new... Well now you know I'm a sucker for hole-in-the-wall type Q-raunts.
From the outside The Bar-B-Q Joint screams "HOLE-IN-THE-WALL!!!" so I was pretty stoked. When you pull up you'll notice the horse shoe pits to the north of the building and the smokers setting out back..... Oh and that cool little smoker that looks like a train engine sitting there to the right of the door.
Once you get inside you'll find the trappings of your typical Q-raunt. A mixture of booths and chairs, paper towels and sauces on all the tables.

You order at the front and then they bring your meal to you. This is also where I encountered my only disappointment at The Bar-B-Q Joint.

You remember those Hawg Wings that were one of the reason I chose to go here? Well they had just put them on the smoker so I didn't get to try them.... DOH!
When you place your order instead of writing it on a pad they write it on your plate. First time I've ever seen anyone do that before but it does make some sense.

I only saw a two-meat dinner on the menu so I ordered that with ribs and pulled pork with macaroni salad and beans and then added Black Oak sausage and brisket.
As you can see I got a pretty good sized pile of meat and that was only on one plate. The other plate had more meat and the sides.

The pulled pork was moist and had great flavor and most importantly it was pulled pork and not the folded, spindled, mutilated crap that to many Q-raunts call pulled pork.

The meat didn't need it but I tried a couple of bites with both of their sauces and it really complemented the meat well. Both sauces had a nice smoky, sweet, flavor profile and the hot had just a slight hint of heat to it. I also liked that the meats were served nekkid and I was given the choice whether to add sauce or not.

The ribs had good color and flavor. Maybe just a touch overcooked but not quite to the point where it was falling off the bone. They were also big and meaty and it appeared they had taken the time to pull the membrane off the back of the ribs.

Me personally I like the membrane left on but if you don't then these ribs are definitely right up your alley. And don't get me wrong. I still thought they were some pretty good ribs.

The sausage was listed as Black Oak sausage on the menu. So even though it looked like your typical Ekrich style sausage I thought maybe it might be house made or locally made so I decided to try it. After doing some research it appears to just be a Hillshire Farms brand.
The presentation of my brisket left a little to be desired and it was a little stringy. I think it may have come from the back part of the flat that's under the point. It was moist and had good flavor though. Other than the presentation I'd put it up there with some of the better brisket I've had in Oklahoma.

The beans pretty much looked like they just came from a can but I think the macaroni salad may have been homemade. If it was homemade it was done very well. The pasta was firm and the flavor was just slightly sweet and tangy.

Overall I really enjoyed The Bar-B-Q Joint and I'm going to say they are cranking out some of the better Q in the state.  For small town BBQ I'd rank them up there with Mud Creek BBQ in Ringling.

I know I mentioned presentation a couple of times but at the same time it's good and unpretentious BBQ and I can appreciate that when it tastes good.

I would definitely drive there to eat again and since they didn't have Hawg Wings. I can pretty much guarantee I'll be making a return trip some day.

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