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Needless to say my first blog about Blu's created a lot of excitement. I won't rehash the entire scenario but there were a lot of accusations thrown at me that left a bad taste in my mouth...... Being a food blogger..... Well bad tastes are not what I'm looking for.

Now I'm not a believer in the adage that the customer is always right. Having been a retail business owner at one point in my life. I realize that most of the time the customer is a freaking idiot.

So I wasn't really looking for any kind of apology or anything about what happened, after all I'm just a two-bit, hack, wannabe, Q blogger, but a couple of months ago I was contacted by an owner of Blu's and they apologized for what had happened. I can give any business owner a big thumbs up for stepping up and doing that.
One of my favorite things about Blu's is that they have Big Red on tap. Usually the only time I get to enjoy Big Red with BBQ is on my trips to Central Texas.

I decided to stick with the same meats I ordered on my first visit a year earlier but they were out of bologna. So I ended up with ribs, brisket, and polish sausage.
On my previous visit it came with one side and pickles, onions, and peppers. Now you get to choose two sides so I went with the block of cheese, another side I really only see in Texas, and cole slaw.

I also noted that the price of adding a meat went up $1 from $2 to $3 but I felt the portion sizes were adequate to the price and I was stuffed after I finished my meal.
If you've read my first blog about Blu's you know I wasn't a fan of the brisket that day. On this trip I went with sliced rather than chopped and unfortunately I still can't say I'm a fan of Blu's brisket.

As far as Okie Brisket goes I suppose it's pretty good but if you've been reading my blog for very long you'll know that when I coined the term Okie Brisket it was to describe what I find to be over-cooked, over-trimmed, dry, pretty much flavorless brisket.

It's also not just served at Blu's but seems to be served at the majority of Oklahoma City Q-raunts. Apparently Oklahoman's like it but I've never been a fan of it myself.

On the plus side I did enjoy Blu's hot BBQ sauce and the brisket needed a lot of it for me to swallow it.
The ribs at Blu's are St Louis trimmed spareribs and these were big, meaty, and had a nice rub on them.

On my previous visit I had commented that the ribs were just slightly undercooked. Unfortunately on this trip they were just slightly over-cooked. Even more unfortunately most Q-raunt diners enjoy them over-cooked.

They were good enough though that I would eat them again.

The polish sausage was my favorite meat of the day and Blu's does it right. Too many Q-raunts in Oklahoma cook sausage until it's sausage jerky. Blu's sausage had good smoke flavor on it but was still moist and juicy. The way a sausage should be!
If one thing at Blu's has improved greatly at Blu's it's the toast. On my first visit they were serving that [SHUDDER] horrible one sided toast that you've seen me rant about time after time. Well Blu's not only toasts on both sides now but...... IT HAS GRILL MARKS!!!

My biggest gripe about one sided toast is that it's just not that hard to toast bread on both sides. Blu's took something as simple as toast and elevated it above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

The cheese block and coleslaw I chose as sides were both tasty. As I've already said I like that they offer cheese as a side. It goes great with Q in my opinion.
While I still can't say that I think Blu's is great BBQ. By Oklahoma City standards it is good BBQ and based on the crowd that was filling the place on my visit. Blu's is doing what any business needs to do and that's filling the seats.

I'll be back just for the Big Red, polish sausage, and the toast myself..... And hopefully on my next visit I'll finally get one of those house made cookies I saw them walking around the dining room serving. I've been twice now and never been offered one yet.

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