Saturday, January 18, 2014


Over the holidays I had planned to take some much needed time off from work and eat, and blog about, some BBQ..... Christmas Eve I came down with the flu.

Needless to say this totally screwed up my holiday plans but I still made it out one day to sneak in some Q-raunts.

I say that in the plural sense because I planned to hit several on the Monday we were out.

Unfortunately a lot of places don't open on Monday's in rural South Central Oklahoma towns.

This is also my first post with my new phone and laptop. Both of which are taking some getting used to but the smart phone sure did come in handy in locating a Q-raunt that was open this day. Even if the app I was using told me Rockin Rib was on E. Main when it's really on W. Main in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

I would like to start this post with a disclaimer. Just in case Blake Shelton ever happens to read this.

I wasn't really on a lunch date with your wife. I just happened to be standing in line behind her on this day and when I snapped this pic I was really trying to get a pic of that fish decoration hanging behind her head. I really don't think she was even aware she was in the building with another famous celebrity...... That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Ok.... That's not all the truth but Miranda Lambert is not the first celeb I have spotted in a Q-Raunt.

I've also spotted good ol' Jim Ross of WWE fame in Ray's Smokehouse BBQ in Norman.

I didn't snap a pic of Jim Ross but after seeing him, and getting this pic of Mrs. Blake Shelton, it inspired me to start a new board on my Pinterest page of celebs, other than myself, I've seen in Q-raunts.
Wow.... After that lengthy intro. I'm finally ready to start talking about the Q at Rockin Rib.

We arrived about 1:30 PM and the place was really.... cheezy pun alert... Rockin!

So at 1:30 they were sold out of ribs already and we were told more would be ready in about 5 hours

Yeah, it was disappointing not getting ribs at a place called Rockin Rib, but if I've said it once, I've said it more than once..... I'd rather be told they are out of a meat than to be served rushed or held meat. So I went with chopped beef, pulled pork, and my own personal Q addiction..... bologna!

The chopped brisket was not the best brisket I've ever eaten but was surprisingly good for Oklahoma. It was moist and had just the right amount of smoke flavor on it. I'd definitely eat it again.
The pulled pork was pulled the way I like it and not that overly chopped, folded, spindled, mutilated stuff that some places like to call pulled pork but is really chopped pork.

Not that there is anything wrong with chopped pork but call it what it is for crying out loud.

This pulled pork was lightly sauced. I'm usually not a fan of sauced meat but this was just light enough that it worked.

I don't think the pork really needed the sauce because it was moist and tender, it didn't distract from the flavor of the pork to much, and I'd say it's some of the better pulled pork I've found in Oklahoma.
Smoked bologna is my BBQ kryptonite and this did not disappoint me. Maybe could have been sliced just a touch thicker if I had to make any kind of complaint...... Which apparently I felt compelled to complain about something..... Meh.... It's just how I am.

I chose coleslaw and mac & cheese for my sides. They were both good but nothing to get excited over.
The place cleared out pretty quickly after we were served our food and the guy making this tasty Q came out and started using a laptop. When I walked by it looked like he was looking at the Stock Market..... Either that or someone had outed me and he was checking the intarweb to see what I was saying about his food and he just used that screen as a subterfuge as I walked by.

The pig behind him is pointing to the restrooms. It's not quite 1 mile to get to them but it is a pretty long walk.

Another interesting feature of Rockin Rib is the floor..... It bounces as people walk around. This really upped the difficulty level of me taking pics. I'm actually surprised any of them came out at all.
I also sampled some of their hot BBQ sauce and it was a good sauce. Not that any of the meats needed it but if you like sauce this one is tasty.

Also if you refer back to the pic of the other celebrity in the building. The guy in the ball cap in that pic asked for some even hotter sauce that they keep behind the counter for the customers safety.

I didn't try this extra hot sauce but plan to when I return to try and get some ribs..... Yep it was good enough I'll be returning. Not good enough for me to declare it a destination Q-raunt but if you are near Tishomingo and want some Q. Rockin Rib is definitely worth the stop.

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  1. Are you on twitter? I've been using your term #OkieBrisket when needed. Keep the reviews coming!

  2. Thanks! As long as people keep cooking Q. I'll keep writing about it.

    I am not on Twitter. I have considered starting a Twitter account since I now have a smartphone but I'm not sure how much I would actually use it. So it's still just an idea for the time being.


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