Monday, February 17, 2014


On this visit to Back Door Barbecue I ordered the 3 Meat Dinner. I had not tried the sausage on my prior visits so I ordered the Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage along with Brisket (Moist), and Oklahoma Tenderloin (Bologna) with creamed corn and fried onions/jalapenos.

The Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage I believe is still being house made. It has more of a commercial appearance (think Ekrich) but looking back at pictures that were taken back in 2012 it looks like what I was served.

The sausage was good but I didn't notice any heat from the jalapeno. I added a squirt of their new XXX sauce and it played well with the sausage.

Don't be afraid to try the XXX. It's a tasty sauce and it's really not that spicy.

The brisket was some of the better I have been served at Back Door but it still wasn't great. It didn't grab me by the taste buds and say "Come back tomorrow and eat me again!". There was still something not quite right about the texture to me also. It was moist but felt mushy.

Most 3 Meat meals around town run in the $13 to $14 price range. At Back Door it is $16. You can make your own judgment by looking at the picture above but I didn't come away feeling like I got what I paid for. I'm not saying it needed a whole lot more meat but it could use just a bit more. Or maybe it's the size of the tray that makes it look like there's less but something here is just not working for me.

The fried onion/jalapeno side they offer is a tasty and unique side dish for Oklahoma City. The creamed corn on the other hand is underwhelming to me and would better be described as a Southwest style corn casserole. Maybe I'm just being nit picky but creamed corn doesn't usually have whole kernels.

I like my Oklahoma Tenderloin (bologna) with that layer of crust on it but something wasn't quite right about this one. I've had it other places where it wasn't separating from the bologna like this was. Not sure if this was re-heated from yesterday or what but while it was tasty the overall texture was just odd to me.

If you've read my two previous blogs about Back Door you may think I come across a little harsh on them there, and in this Snapshot, and maybe I am, but when I'm paying nearly $20 for a meal with a drink. I want better than I can get from other places for $5 to $6 less around town and so far I don't feel like I'm getting that from Back Door BBQ.

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  1. LARRY THE BBQ LOVERApril 22, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    i have been enjoying your blog and love que as you say(i was one of the lucky few allowed to go across the street to rays bbq from fillmore ellementry school on s. blackwelder daily.i noticed that one of my absolute favorite ques is missing from your blog and back doors map of okla ques,put on your list to go to wild horse mountain bbq just south of sallisaw okla.i discovered them 20 years ago when the were the bad and small.THEIR RIBS HAVE A BIG CHUNCK OF TENDERLOIN IT SEEMS ATTACHED TO EACH RIB.I HAVE ONLY SEEN IT AT ONE OTHER QUE IN EASTERN OKLAHOMA. I LEARNED TO CALL AHEAD IN THE MORNING TO HAVE THEM SAVE ME A POUND OR TWO BEFORE I LEFT OKC OTHERWISE THEY WERE OFTEN SOLD OUT.THE FINELY SLICED BRISKET MAKES A GREAT SANDWICH. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I HOPE YOU LOVE IT AS I DO .

    1. Thanks for the complements. I appreciate it!

      Wild Horse has been on my list from day one. I'm planning on a road trip through that part of the state sometime this summer and may make my first foray into Arkansas Q while I'm out that way..


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