Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SNAPSHOT: KOSMO'S BBQ 01-24-14 & 01-29-14

Visited Kosmo's BBQ for the first time on 01-24-14 and ordered two of their basic sandwiches, chopped brisket and pulled pork.

Chopped Brisket Sandwich


Knowing that Kosmo's also sells injections and rubs for competition cooks. I wouldn't be surprised at all if this brisket has been shown a little more love than your typical Okie Brisket.

Served on a buttery toasted bun. The meat, while chopped finely, has a great texture and is moist with just a hint of smokiness and really good flavor.

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Served on a buttery toasted bun. The pulled pork had good texture and was moist. It paired perfectly with some of Kosmo's hot BBQ sauce. The sauce is about the consistency of honey and has just a slight hint of heat to it. I don't usually add sauce to BBQ but this sauce was definitely an exception. It made an already great sandwich even better.

I made a return visit on 01-29-14 to try one of the more adventurous sandwiches and the bologna.

Okie Cheesesteak

All I can say about this sandwich is..... WOW! I really wish I had ordered two of them.

The chopped brisket was identical to my first visit and I really appreciate that kind of consistency. This sandwich is served on a soft Philly roll with caramelized onions and Cheeze Whiz.

The tanginess of the Cheese Whiz an the sweetness of the caramelized onions really complement the slight smoky brisket well. I would definitely eat one, or twelve, again.

Bologna Sandwich


This sandwich is also served on a buttery toasted bun and the bologna was smoked perfectly. The smoke flavor was really the star here.

If you love smoked bologna only half as much as I love smoked bologna. You want to try this smoked bologna. I dipped my sandwich in some of the hot bbq sauce and it was a great combination of smokey, spicy, sweet, goodness.

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