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I've often said that some of the best BBQ I've eaten has been served from places most people are afraid they might not come back out of alive.

I call it my 1st Law of Q-Raunts.

Moe's Smokehouse Chicken and BBQ fits that description to a T!

Moe's is located in a strip center. In a not so nice part of Oklahoma City. In what appears to have once been a discount Chinese take out restaurant from the sign that remains above their door.

I've actually been to Moe's twice. Which might give away the top secret ending of this blog unless I was just being sneakily deceptive by making the second trip.

On my first trip they were a little discombobulated at the counter but I think they had only been open a few weeks. I had decided to go with the Pick 4 and the lady taking my order thought that meant pick two meats and two sides. Then another woman came in and clarified what I had thought to begin with, I was to choose four meats..... Woo-hoo!!!
Well at least I thought I was going to get to pick four meats.... They actually only had three that day. So I went with 2X spareribs, chopped pork, and brisket...... Ok, technically I did get a fourth meat because I also added a chicken leg but I accidentally ate it before I took a pic..... Really.... It was totally an accident!

Ok, now I have to go back to what I said in the opening paragraph because the ribs were not to my liking. They were dry and had an off flavor. You know that lighter fluid taste you've heard me mention in the past but it's not really lighter fluid. It's just the best way I can describe the flavor. Well these ribs tasted like that and defy the laws of the opening paragraph. Not even sauce could save them on this visit.

I have to say that I also had some trepidation when I saw that the brisket had been pre-sliced and was being held in a warming tray full of liquid. Unfortunately being a Q blogger forces me to overcome that trepidation and order meat I'm not sure I'm going to like.
As you can see in the picture the brisket was randomly sliced both with and against the grain. Dangit.... In my mind that's strike three.....pre-sliced, sliced wrong, held in liquid.... This is going to be horrible! Get ready mouth because the tongue is going to be requesting an immediate brisket evacuation!!!

Ummmm.... It was actually pretty darn good. It had held it's texture and wasn't the piece of mushy roast beast I was expecting it to feel and taste like. Even the piece sliced the wrong way was tender enough to bite through.

While I'm not a big fan of the way Moe's is holding their brisket. It's working. So I'm happy that being a Q blogger forced me to give it a try in this case because while it's not the best brisket I've ever had. It was far from being as terrible as my eyes and mind were making it out to be.
Ok, I have to say I saved the best for last. Moe's is serving their pork Carolina style and to the best of my knowledge are the only place in Oklahoma City doing so. It is also some mighty tasty pork. It's tender and moist and has that vinegar and red pepper sauce that Eastern style Carolina BBQ is known for.

Your mileage may vary, especially if you don't like vinegar, but this is some of the best pork I've had in Oklahoma City. I liked it so much that I'm going to share a second picture of it with you below.
You may notice that I also picked up a couple of sides to go with this order of pork. Mac and cheese and collard greens....... Ignore that toast for now. I'll..... (sigh) ......address that later.

The mac and cheese was creamy and the pasta was well cooked. Not quite al dente but not mushy either.

Now I'm no collard green afficiado. To be honest this is only the second time I've ever eaten them..... For now.... Because I will definitely be getting these every time I eat at Moe's..... Yep, I will be going back.

I also had cole slaw and green beans on my first visit and both were good too but I'm hooked on the collard greens now.

Heck, I liked them so much I'll share a second pic of them too!
Ok, here's the part all of my regular readers have been waiting for. I know all of you have been wondering about it from the moment you started reading. Was the toast two sided or...... (ugh) sided?

Well as you can see from that pic.... It was hardly even one sided.... Why is it so hard to get toast right in Q-raunts??? Why am I doomed to eat one sided toast with my Q??? Well actually I don't need to be eating the toast so maybe my dislike of one-sided toast is a clue that I shouldn't be eating it anyway...... But man I love a good piece of toast!

I do have to say that on my second trip the almost toast soaked up the pork juice and sauce. If you can handle the texture of mushy bread it was pretty tasty. Probably would have been orgasmic had it been soaked into a piece of perfectly golden two-sided toast.
Now Moe's doesn't only serve Q. They also serve up some tasty fried chicken. Don't pass up the opportunity to add a piece to your meal. It's well cooked and the breast in that picture was moist and juicy every bite. It may be my new favorite fried chicken in Oklahoma City.

Well other than the ribs on my first visit. I've enjoyed everything I've tried at Moe's. I want to try the ribs again but it's going to be hard as good as the pork is. So for the most part my 1st Law of Q-raunts still holds true and I've made it out of Moe's Smokehouse alive both times I've been there.

Oh and one last thing...... Right now they only have one table with three chairs. So if.... I mean WHEN you go try it. Plan on taking it to go.

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