Saturday, March 8, 2014


After Jack's ribs were my highest rated slab, and 3rd over all in the inaugural Broken Rib Tour. I decided I wanted to go back and try them again.

On this visit I went with the 2 meat combo, sliced brisket & ribs, and I added sausage. For my sides I chose macaroni salad and garlic cole slaw.

The sausage is just the typical Ekrich/Johnsonville style sausage. It was good but I wish more places in Oklahoma made their own sausages.

I let the girl serving up the meats know that I didn't mind a little fat on my brisket and she did a good job of giving me what I wanted.

However while the brisket had a nice smoky flavor and was moist. It was undercooked and tough. Even sliced as thin as it was I had to tear it apart because I couldn't cut it with the metal fork.

The ribs were as big and meaty as they were the day we were there for the Broken Rib Tour but I don't think they were as good as I remembered them being that day.

One of the others in my group that ordered ribs got theirs from a different slab and it appeared to be really overcooked because the bones were pulling clean out of the meat. The slab mine came from had a lot better texture.

Most of the sides at Jack's appear to be homemade. The macaroni salad was good and the pasta was cooked perfectly. The garlic cole slaw is a sweet, vinegary, type of slaw but I didn't taste garlic.

Both sides were well made and tasty. The toast was.......ugggghhh.... One sided. *sigh*

As I said in my original blog. Jack's is your average Okie Q-raunt. You won't be disappointed in your meal there but it's probably not worth going out of your way for either. It's good Q but not mind blowing Q.

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