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This was my second attempt at trying Blue River Ribs.... My first attempt being made on a Monday but Monday's seem to be a day a lot of mom and pop places in rural Oklahoma take off.

Just a little heads up.... Blue River Ribs is also closed on Tuesday and they close from 2-4 PM on the days they are open.

I didn't spot any armadillos on my way to the front door but the awning warns that they cross there. Blue River Ribs is located in a rural area. So I had good reason to believe I might see a herd of armadillos at any time and knowing that armadillos can transmit leprosy to humans..... Well I wasn't taking any chances
Blue River Ribs has been in business for a lot of years and one look around the rustic dining room overwhelms you with items collected and displayed over those years. That and it's rural setting definitely qualified it for my "The Ugly" category. Which is usually a good thing. So as I hungrily took in the history and memorbilia on display. I couldn't wait for the food to arrive.
Just one more FYI before I get to the food..... Blue River Ribs is cash or check only. So don't show up out there with plastic unless you plan on washing some dishes to pay for your food.
 I had ordered the 4 Meat Dinner which comes with ribs, brisket, ham, a hotlink, and your choice of two sides. I chose okra and coleslaw.
Now I'm sure that most of you that have been reading my blog for awhile probably looked at the picture of the full plate and thought to yourself..... "This isn't going to be good." ....and if you thought that. You were right!

Maybe the complete lack of any smoke smell should have been my first clue but I don't think these ribs are smoked. At least if they were any hint of smoke has been completely removed from them....... If I had to take a guess... and I do because I could not find a smoker, I would guess they are baked.

You may also notice me lifting that bone out of the meat with my thumb.... Not only would I guess these ribs were baked but they were overcooked and mushy. They did have some kind of a spice on them but it was faint and did little to improve these ribs.

Of course if you like mushy, over-cooked, ribs.... You are going to love these!

I don't like them and not even their sauce could save them for me.
Here is a closeup of the Okie Brisket that was hidden from view in the picture of the plate above.

Did I say Okie Brisket? .... Yep, and I'm guessing it was baked as well.
Thought I would share a pic of the wife's brisket sandwich just in case the picture of the brisket on my plate didn't confirm my calling it Okie Brisket.

Oh, and for those of you that might be reading my blog for the first time.... Okie Brisket is overcooked, totally trimmed and void of fat, moisture, and flavor, that seems to be the way Oklahoman's like it or at least the way Oklahoma Q-raunts like to serve it.

I don't get it but if it's keeping their doors open... I can keep driving to other states to get good brisket.
I didn't take a closeup of the ham but you can see from the picture of the plate it was just a piece of sliced ham cooked on a flat top. It was also pretty dry.

The hotlink was split in half and grilled on the flat top also. It was a tasty, quality, hotlink but it couldn't save this meal for me.
The cole slaw was a lightly sauced, sweet and vinegary, slaw. I enjoyed it. The okra was just your standard run of the mill food service okra.

Oh and in case you were wondering..... Yes.... It was one sided toast but it I wrapped it around the hotlink and made it work.
I had never seen this seasoning before and it was pretty tasty. I sprinkled some on my okra to try it. In hindsight I should have sprinkled some on the ribs and brisket.

Personally I can't say I enjoyed my trip to Blue River Ribs. I never expected to be served ribs this bad from a place with ribs in their name either. Maybe their diner style food is better and I would eat the grilled hotlink again but I can't really recommend coming here for the Q..

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  1. Ribs and Brisket are cooked on smoker they are not baked this guy doesn't know what he is talking about.

    1. Thanks for the information. Now I know what the ribs were baked with.

  2. You are the first person that i know of that has expressed not liking the food there. It is a very popular resturant and stays very busy. I have visited with people while eating there that drive up from Dallas. From the parking lot you can see the smoke stack from the smoker. I find it amazing that you write reviews of resturants and you can't tell if meat is smoked. My family loves the food and really think the owners do a GREAT JOB. The food is consistantly delicious.

    1. When I can't see smoke, smell smoke, or taste smoke it's a little hard to differentiate between smoked and baked.

      There are a lot of people that like the McRib from McDonalds. Personally I have never, and will never, eat one. Does that mean other people don't like them? Of course it doesn't and the same goes for Blue River Ribs... There are plenty of people out there that like mushy, overcooked, fall of the bone ribs.... I'm not one of those people but for people that do. Well all they have to do is read this blog and they will know where to find them.

      And for the record... I don't write reviews. I've never claimed to be anyhting other than a two-bit, hack, wannabe, Q-blogger looking for good BBQ.


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