Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I spotted Kite's Kat House & BBQ in Ravia, Oklahoma on Oklahoma State Highway 22 on my way to Tishomingo to try Blue River Ribs.

They weren't there back in January when I had my lunch date with Miranda Lambert at Rockin Rib in Tishomingo but it looked like they were making it a permanent location because the wheels were off and the trailer was up on blocks. They had also erected a sheet metal smokehouse behind the trailer.

You can kind of see the smokehouse in the pic I took below of a grill they have attached to the back of the trailer. I didn't notice it there when I took the picture or I would have gotten a better shot of it.

I decided to stop on my way back to Ardmore even though I knew I wouldn't be hungry enough to try everything. They offer the BBQ staples and they also offer catfish (Kat House).
I went with a chopped brisket and pulled pork sandwich and asked for some hot and mild sauce on the side.
The pulled pork was moist and tender and had a great flavor on it's own. The bun could have maybe been toasted but since I just ate the meat and not the bun. It didn't bother me too much.

I did dip a bite of the pork in the hot BBQ sauce, which wasn't really very hot, and it complemented the meat well but I preferred it unsauced.
The chopped brisket was finely chopped, moist, tender, and had a great flavor. The sauce worked well with it also.

I wish I had noticed that I could get a single rib for $1.50 when I ordered. Even though I wasn't that hungry after just eating. I could have probably found some space for a rib.

I was pretty impressed with the meat on the two sandwiches so I plan on making a run back over to Ravia soon to try the rest of the menu and write a full blog.... Well maybe not the catfish, because I like catching fish but I'm not really a fan of eating fish.

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