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Experience has taught me that places that toot their own horns too much tend to leave me disappointed.

I don't know if it's because it builds up my expectations to a level that can't be achieved or because most spend more time telling us how great their Q is and not enough making really good Q.

Pigski0n's BBQ doesn't just tell you they are the best in town on the outside of the building but they put it right in your face when you step in the building as well.

Since Pigskin's BBQ only claims to be the best in town. I gave them a little bit of a pass on my BS meter. They weren't claiming best in the world, galaxy, or universe. Just the best in town. So maybe they at least knew their limitations.
You might also want to give them a call if you are trying to get there close to closing time. The hours I found on the internet said they were open until 3 PM on Sunday. When we arrived at 1:45 PM the sign on the window said 2:30 PM. You might notice all the chairs up on the tables in the above two pictures.

Apparently, despite the multiple tables occupied when we walked in and the 8 customers they locked out after we came in qualifies as a slow day. So they were closing early.

Fortunately they didn't ask us to leave. So after we stood at that counter you see above. We figured out that you don't order there. You go to a table and they come and take your order.
Despite their rush to get closed and go home. The service was attentive, friendly, and prompt. So I ordered a 3 meat dinner. I chose ribs, sliced brisket, and Oklahoma Tenderloin with beans and potato salad.

Now Pigskin only claims to be the best in Ada but I have to say these ribs were some of the better I have had in the state. The ribs had a nice rub, a hint of smokiness, were cooked almost perfectly, and were moist and meaty.

While I like that the brisket was sliced correctly and still had a little fat on it. The color could have been better and it didn't have a lot of flavor. The texture wasn't bad and it passed the pull test.

The Oklahoma Tenderloin here really stole the show. It was like it was smoked after it was sliced. Each piece had a nice color and wonderful smoky flavor in every bite. Once again while they only claim it to be the best in town. I, on the other hand, claim it to be some of the best I've had in the state.

The potato salad appeared to be house made but was a little mustardy for my tastes. I like mustard but this was really overpowered with mustard.

The beans were pretty good. Don't know if they were just doctored up from a can or totally house made but they were good and that's coming from someone that really doesn't like beans.

The two-sided toast looked pretty promising and I couldn't wait to finish off my meal with it.

So I slapped a couple of slices of that incredible Oklahoma Tenderloin on the toast and started to chow down...... Hmmmm.... Something was wrong with the toast... It had an odd density to it. I really don't know how to describe it. It wasn't terrible but..... Something was odd about it.

I have also been told from a reliable source that the smoked meatloaf they serve on Fridays only is pretty tasty too.

Apparently Pigski'sn BBQ was previously located in an old Taco Tico building because this is where my GPS took us first. Finally after a little more investigating. We were able to find them in this former Church's Chicken.

So if your GPS takes you to an old Taco Tico. You might set it to find the Church's Chicken instead. And in my opinion Pigskin's BBQ is worth finding if you are in the Ada, Oklahoma area. Just don't be surprised if they closed early if it's close to closing time.

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