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Sometimes when you think there is nothing new left to discover about BBQ. You stumble across something that just makes you go "WOW!".

I stumbled across my latest BBQ "WOW!" moment while I was doing some resarch on the Texoma Living website to find some Texoma area Q-raunts. to sneak into.

William's Old Style BBQ is carrying on a very little known BBQ tradition unique to the Eastern Texoma area started by P.O. Sam in Colbert Oklahoma.... Brown Gravy Sauce.

Now I know some of you are saying to yourselves "Gravy? On BBQ?? NO WAY!!!" and to a degree I would have had to say I'm right there with you...... Then I tried if for myself.

As I already said I was doing research on the Texoma Living website when I first read about William's Old Style BBQ and they've already done a nice article about William's and it's history.
So I'm just going to move on to what I do best as a two-bit, hack, wanna-be, Q-blogger.... Talk about the food.

Ok...Ok.... I'm actually going to preface my comments about the food with a quote from the article I linked above....

“It may not be perfect barbecue, but it’s the best around,”

These ribs weren't perfect. I thought they were overcooked and the hickory smoke was just a touch harsh for my pallette.
This pork sandwich wasn't perfect either. I thought the flavor was good and it was moist but just on the edge of being mushy.
And this beef sandwich wasn't all that perfect either. Being from the shoulder clod it is leaner than brisket and when I first looked at it I thought it was going to be dry.

Surprisngly when I took the first bite it was moist and tender but like the ribs the hickory smoke on it was just a touch harsh.
So you may be wondering to yourself by now.... "Hey fool! What about that gravy sauce you mentioned earlier???" and a lot of bloggers might be offended by you thinking they are a fool but I'll never deny being one. So it doesn't bother me a bit...... But just look at that gravy! WOW!!!
And look at that gravy on my not so perfect pork sandwich. What did it do to that sandwich? It transformed it into one of the best bites of food I've ever put in my mouth! WOW!!!

It also made those not so perfect ribs and not so perfect beef sandwich into something I can't wait to eat again....  I'm about 200% certain you could put that gravy sauce on an elephants rearend and it would be tasty! It's just that good.
Now while the BBQ at William's Old Style may not be perfect. The toast is perfectly two-sided. The way toast should be. And you know what makes two sided toast even better?
You know it! Dipping that two sided toast in that incredible brown gravy sauce was a match made in BBQ heaven!!! WOW!!!!!

The sides I got with the ribs were good. The cole slaw was similar to what you would get at KFC or Long John Silvers. The porato salad was a mustard based mashed potato salad. I'm pretty sure both were house made.

William's Old Style BBQ also offers one of my other favorite foods.... Tamales.

This tamale wasn't the best I have ever had but it was still a pretty tasty tamale and I would eat one again. The salsa that came with the tamale also appeared to have been made similarly to the brown gravy sauce.

I can't say I would recommend making the drive to Colbert Oklahoma just to try tne meat at William's Old Style BBQ. But you have to experience that brown gravy sauce. It's good enough that I can't believe it hasn't ever been featured on any of the myriad of BBQ shows that have been on TV over the last few years. It has to be one of the most unique BBQ foods I've ever had the pleasure of eating and is only available at a handful of Q-raunts in that tiny part of the Eastern tip of the Texoma area between Denison Texas and Durant Oklahoma.

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