Friday, September 12, 2014


I was in the mood for some Q so I decided to give Back Door BBQ another try and see if they had improved any over my previous visits.
I went with the 3 meat sampler, which with a drink is over $20, and I chose the moist brisket and pork belly, because I had been disappointed in both on previous visits, and ribs, because they had done well in the OKC Rib Tour earlier in the year.

The brisket isn't terrible by Oklahoma standards but I think it's meant to be similar to what you would find in the meat markets of Central Texas and it falls flat when compared to that.

The crust has a nice flavor but when you get past that the brisket is more like mushy/stringy roast beef depending on whether you are getting a bite from the point/flat. Those two muscles have a tendency to have the grain running different directions. So you get the best, or worst, of both parts of the brisket here.

The pork belly, while a huge improvement over the first piece of pork belly I was served when they opened, still fell short for me. The fat was rendered fairly well but the meat didn't have the velvety/silky texture I have experienced eating pork belly before.
The ribs, which I still think taste like Schwab's bologna, weren't the same caliber as the ones we were served on the rib tour. The one in the top of that picture was more like pork jerky.

The manager came by and asked how everything was. Now normally I just say "It's good" and let them move along because I don't want to draw attention but this visit I held the rib up and said "Everything tastes good but this rib is kind of like jerky."....... She smiled..... Said "Ok".... and walked off.

I'm not ok with that.... That rib probably should have never been served in any Q-raunt. For the higher prices you pay at Back Door it definitely should not have been served and that's my biggest problem with Back Door Barbecue.

I don't mind paying higher prices for consistent, quality, barbeque but the inconsistency at Back Door makes it hard for me to recommend.

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