Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sometimes things don't always go as planned in the life of a two-bit, hack, wanna-be, Q-blogger.

The plan for the day was to meander our way from Ardmore to Denton. Eat at a couple of Q-raunts I had heard about there and then mosey on down to Kuby's Sausage House and load up on goodies from their German deli..... Absolutely the best chicken salad on the planet comes from Kuby's and the sausages are all top notch too.

Unfortunately the screwdriver, that's right I said screwdriver, you can see sticking out from the tire in that picture pretty much derailed our plans for the day.

We had made it to Collinsville Texas when we picked up this extra piece of hardware. A 45 minute wait for AAA to show up and put on the spare and then a 15 minute drive back to Whitesboro just to find out the only tire shop in Whitesboro didn't have the size tire we needed left us with a decision..... Drive 20 minutes to Sherman or 30 minutes to Denton..... We chose the 20 minute drive to Sherman.

Once we got to Sherman and found the Discount Tire, along with just about every other person in Sherman Texas, we were told it would be about an hour and a half wait..... So we waited....and waited....and waited... and while we were waiting I was re-routing our trip and I found.....

.....Now part of what influenced my choice of the 20 minute drive to Sherman was because I knew they served a type of the BBQ Gravy we had tried recently at William's Old Style BBQ in Colbert Oklahoma at Old Mining Camp BBQ in Denison Texas.
Apparently before the Hateful Hussy took over. Old Mining Camp BBQ was just a mere BBQ shack. But now they can be found under those big red letters that spell out BBQ.

It was pretty close to 2:00 PM by the time we got to Denison and found the Old Mining Camp BBQ and the place was still very busy. I took that as a good sign.

And as you can see here. Now that the Hateful Hussy has taken over. The place looks more like a saloon than a mining camp.... Major upgrade if you ask me.

You will also find all the employees are dressed like the guy you can see in the cowboy hat in that picture above. He just happened to be taking care of us and I have to say he did a great job. A very personable and helpful young man.

Now apparently at one time the Old Mining Camp served some sausage stuffed peppers. I was really looking forward to trying the sausage stuffed peppers, being the fan of sausage and peppers that I am, but apparently they were so popular that they no longer make them... Yeah, that's pretty much what we were told when I asked about them. They were too popular..... Go figure.
Fortunately they do still serve the brown gravy sauce that had influenced my decision to come to Denison. It's a paler version of the brown gravy sauce we had at William's Old Style BBQ and had a little more smoke flavor but was less spicy..

I decided to go with a two-meat combo of chopped brisket and ribs and I got tator tots and creamed corn for the sides. It also came with toast.... You'll have to read on to find out how toasted it was.

The chopped brisket was a little more lean than I like but it was moist and had lots of savory and smoky flavor to it with a few bits of the tasty crust mixed into it.

The ribs were well cooked, had a good flavor, color, and were of ample size. I would definitely order them again.

The tator tots were... well they were tator tots. Nothing really special about that but they were very tasty dipped in the brown gravy sauce. The creamed corn wasn't typical creamed corn but it was a tasty enough side dish.

And you want to know what else was tasty dipped in that brown gravy sauce?
That's right! The 1 3/4 sided toast was really tasty dipped in that brown gravy sauce!

Yep, I said 1 3/4 sided toast. It was toasted perfectly on one side and about 3/4 perfectly on the other.

It's alright though. The brown gravy sauce made up for the 1/4 side of toastiness I was missing.

We also tried the pecan pie cobbler for dessert and it was an interesting take on pecan pie and well.... cobbler.... There was none left when we were done so it must have been pretty tasty because we were already full from the meal.

All in all I thought Hateful Hussy's Old Mining Camp was pretty good. If I'm in that part of the Texoma area I would definitely go there again. I just hope they bring back the sausage stuffed peppers.

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  2. The stuffed peppers are back.The reason they stopped serving them for a while is they could not keep up with the demand. Once the new kitchen staff became comfortable with the massive menu(for a mom and pop scratch kitchen) they brought them back.

    1. Thanks for the update... I had heard they were serving them again.


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